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The cast of 300: Rise of an Empire is more than ready to have the world see the eye-popping 3D marvel that is the follow-up to the visual masterpiece that also gave us such rich 300 quotes.. As teased in the 300: Rise of an Empire trailer, the film operates almost at the same time as the previous flick, and Persia’s threat to the city states of Greece is even stronger.

We caught up with members of the 300: Rise of an Empire ensemble including Lena Headey (back as Queen Gorgo from the first flick) and Eva Green (who plays the awesomely evil Artemisia). “I’d say that Gorgo’s back this time just for revenge. It’s that simple,” Headey said of the wife of Gerard Butler’s character who was killed at the end of 300.

Green is just excited for a film that is so engrained in the sword and sandal milieu to have two female leads. “I think it’s quite rare to see strong women in an action film, so that’s cool. Artemisia is like a man in a woman’s body. She’s really ballsy, very brave,” she said.

Artemisia’s quest for vengeance that is rooted in evil does not come out of nowhere. Her character, a Greek, was victimized by Greek soldiers and to say she holds a grudge is a little calm of a description.

“She was traumatized as a child so she kind of built this armor around her to survive, and she became driven and blinded by vengeance, and completely obsessed. Yeah, she’s bonkers, a maniac!”

Although a fire and brimstone war flick with 3D that pops off the screen, Headey cautions that all that war has its root in the classic storytelling guise of family first.

“Speaking from Gorgo’s point of view, the Spartan law is honor before anything else. And the fact that she loses the love of her life... well, there is nothing else to be done apart from avenging him. So there’s no other way for her to go,” she added.

Even with a green screen-heavy action flick, Headey cautions that the root of the story must shine through… regardless of what’s physically around you.

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